Friday, October 20, 2006

Welcome aboard, blogger.

I don't know what went through my mind when I point my browser to and clicked the "Sign Up" option. Well, here I am. Staring at the monitor thinking why the hell did i do this. Lol.

Writing this at 2.20am isn't easy when you have running nose and drowsy eyes. This is just another day where I spend in Klang where i have absolutely nothing to do. Sometimes i wonder, what is the purpose of my life? Since young, i've got this thing about being "someone" when i grew up. Sort of like those feelings Superman always had when he was young. Like " I'm gonna be someone when i grow up! ". Like I always think that i don't belong here. Don't know la, maybe just my imagination which i seem to have lost it over the past few years.

Speaking of imagination, well, i used to be someone you can call as creative or even witty. BUT over the years, since PMR especially, my mind just happen to be not producing those proteins you need to be creative. The creative thing i'm talking about here isn't just about designing stuff or writing stuff but everything else in my life like :

1) Ideas on how to spend my time with people close to me like my gf and friends.
2) Ideas on how to create new stuff to do when i'm alone.
3) Ideas on how to create new name for my character in World of Warcraft.
4) Basically, just about anything that is about creating names/terms/design/ideas.

I really need a bitch slap from someone to give me back my creativeness. Seriously, anyone?